Fame would drop, but Photoshopping always hit all-time high. 

Everyday people found unexpected Internet fame from anywhere, anything, anyone.

Here are 16 memes that had onced broken the Internet.

1. Leo DiCaprio Runs Topless

Leonardo DiCaprio still hasn’t won an Oscar, but he did win the Internet for one day.

A photograph of the usually serious actor wielding a squirt gun while running topless through Italy made Leo king of the Photoshop treatment.

2. Twitter Sign Bunny

Twitter expressed their feelings through a sassy bunny in September. The ASCII art rabbit first started in Brazil in 2013, but resurfaced in 2014 as a passive aggressive, yet adorable protester.

Everyone created their own Sign Bunny and we all learned how much media people on Twitter love an inside joke.

3. Luis Suarez Bite

With less than 12 minutes of time left on the clock in a tied game, Suarez tried to gain an advantage by locking down, teeth first on Chiellini’s shoulder.

Suarez tested negative for rabies, but positive for meme-ability.

4. Ashley Wagner’s Angry Face

American figure skater Ashley Wagner didn’t win a medal at the Sochi Olympics, but she did inspire the most memorable meme of the Games. That’s basically like winning bronze.

Wagner couldn’t hide her disappointment during the team skating event when judges awarded her a score lower than she expected.