This could easily be the biggest bane of your life. Making women reach climax is umm…REALLY difficult. Reason? Women are complicated creatures. Also, reason? Not all men know how to dip-it-and-do-it and hit the right spots that will make your partner cum (sorry). Now to make amends, take a minute and sort out your issues in life. Also, try and not be selfish and only think about your d*ck. And remember, intercourse alone is not enough to make women feel desired. Here’s how you—a 20-something millennial—can do it, right!

1. P is for Passion

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Create a buildup to the main event. In other words, make her want you (and want the sex). Send her dirty messages (yes!). Indulge in a bit of pre-foreplay roleplay and make her feel wanted.

2. One word, Foreplay!

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Don’t just take off your pants and get on with it. Kissing, touching, caressing and a bit of oral stimulation will help you make her get wet, sooner than you can say, “Honey, I’m home!”

3. Finger it!

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Women sometimes require (some) extra clitoral stimulation in order to climax. So, be a ninja with your fingers to gently massage her privates. Make sure the Beyonce song, ‘Feeling Myself’ is playing in your head when you do it.

4. Talk Dirty To ME!

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This could easily be the most underused medium during sex. And no, only pornstars aren’t the only ones with a free pass to talk dirty during sex. You can do it too. Just don’t repulse her with it. Make sure you know what you are doing. Do your research, watch a shit-tonne of porn movies and make sure your monologue is fool-proof!

5. Introduce a third man….

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We are not talking about indulging in a threesome. I mean that isn’t bad either, but a sex toy, when used well, can work wonders. It can help you stimulate her erogenous zones with minimal effort—speeding her toward climax (yay!)

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