1. Do Your Research

The hope is that you work in cooperation with your auto dealer, but the reality is that your dealer is working.  To avoid overpaying for your new Audi, it is beneficial to take the time to do substantial and multi-sourced research on the make and model of the vehicle you are considering for purchase.

2. Purchase AudiCare

Don’t let your finances hinder you from purchasing AudiCare. The price of $849 might seem like a lot to tack onto the purchase price of the car, but it is well worth the addition. AudiCare will provide your new vehicle with far more than $849 worth of maintenance and upkeep.

buying audi

3. Run Your Own Credit

It is safer to just bring your own printed report of your credit standings to the dealership.  This way, no one can try to claim that you have issues with your credit that aren’t really there.  Also, there are ways to get a copy of your credit report without affecting your score.  Utilize your free yearly report, and be in the know.

4. Investigate the Source

Sometimes it’s possible to get vital information from your Audi dealer. If you can get them to share who they work with for financing, you can try to go directly to the source for your auto loan.  You may be able to get better rates.

5. Inquire about Interest Rates

Ask your dealer to present you with the loan approval paperwork.  On this paperwork, the bank actually places the “buy” rate.  Do not let your dealer work extra money into the deal via interest rates.  If the dealer refuses and won’t provide the information, threaten to walk out.  They will usually bend at this point, and you will get what you want.