These rumors killed it, quite literally.

Here are death rumors of Bollywood celebs that gave us a mini heart attack.

Katrina Kaif

As a social experiment, a Facebook page declared Katrina Kaif dead in November, 2013. Fans all over the country were extremely shocked and confused to hear of the actress’s sudden demise. Before the rumor could start a nationwide panic wave, the page admitted on the news being a hoax and clarified that the actress is very much alive.


Ayushman Khurana

Actor, Singer and VJ Ayushman Khurana was also one of the many victims of this hoax. The actor had been on a family trip and was declared dead due to a snowboarding accident. Just when our broken hearts were getting accustomed to the news, Ayushman himself confirmed that he is indeed alive and kicking.


Amitabh Bachchan

These death rumors didn’t even leave Bollywood’s biggest star alone! He was reported to have been killed in an accident in the USA. People even went ahead and started talking about the gruesome details of the accident and his funeral procession. Naturally, Mr. Bachchan wasn’t very pleased with these rumors and decided to ignore the utter nonsense going on.


Lata Mangeshkar

The nightingale of India also fell prey to this horrible hoax when somebody began a rumor of her being dead. People went completely crazy on Twitter offering condolences when Lata ji herself decided to put these rumours to rest. She assured every one of her being alive by tweeting and telling her fans to not believe in baseless rumors.


Dilip Kumar

Not one, not twice; but legendary actor Dilip Kumar has had to bear this insensitive hoax 3 times! Once the actor was declared dead on a Whatsapp message which spread like wild fire. Then a while back when he was admitted in the hospital for not keeping well, rumors started doing the rounds of him being dead again. And the third time was just after Arpita Khan’s wedding. People even took to social media to express their condolences.



In 2011 legendary actor, Rajnikanth was hospitalized with allergic bronchitis and viral infection. That is when rumors of Rajnikanth being dead started to circulate and it even became a trending topic on Twitter. When the news became too much to handle, his wife came ahead and assured that he was alive and doing well.


Yo Yo Honey Singh

The latest victim of this death hoax series is rapper-singer Yo Yo Honey Singh. These pictures were enough to set ablaze rumors of him being dead.


We’re very glad that these celebrities are alive and kicking and ashamed for them having to go through such insensitivity.