The backpack is an accessory that is no longer relegated to the use of children of school age, and nowadays, thanks to the variety of models and the different materials in which they are manufactured, has gained a versatility that perhaps never He thought they would catch up.

Even renowned designers have included backpacks in their latest collections in recent years, further strengthening their position as a non-fashionable item.

That is why AliExpress offers different presentations of backpacks , from the typical for children to other ideal for hiking, casual backpacks and others with a design and a combination of materials that make them a more chic item.

All this you can find on the platform at very cheap prices.

What do I have to keep in mind when buying at AliExpress

Acquiring your backpacks in AliExpress is very simple, since it offers a great variety of models, so finding one that suits your needs will not be difficult.

As the purchase is made on-line , you can calmly consult all the stores that have the backpack models that interest you most, making a comparison between the characteristics of each one and the price, in order to make the best purchase and save a lot of money.

aliexpress backpack

What kind of backpacks can I find on AliExpress?

The backpack is an accessory that you will not be disappointed. The versatility of its shape allows it to be manufactured in different materials without losing its functionality, adapting to different occasions and attaching itself to the medium in which it will be used.

Travel Backpacks

If you need a backpack that accompanies you in all your adventures, to trek, enter the mountain or go with you to the silver, in AliExpress you will find waterproof models, ideal to protect your belongings and accompany you wherever.

Backpacks for men

Sober colors, perfect for the daily, that express security and masculinity is what offers you the platform, at the cheapest prices.

Women’s Backpacks

If you want to emphasize your femininity, you look for a backpack to use every day or you prefer a more chic model, just place your search and in seconds you will have before your eyes everything you need.

Children’s backpacks

With the return to class, the backpack becomes a must buy. Have fun choosing your favorite models with your kids.

Is it safe to buy on AliExpress?

When buying your products, you prefer marketers who are marked with four diamonds or more, badges that distinguish them as those that have received better ratings from their buyers.

Have you seen someone qualify as positive when they are not satisfied with what they received? Of course not, so we recommend you rely on what the platform statistics suggest.

Where to buy cheap backpacks?

To make your purchase faster, we recommend here some stores with a good reputation:

Guangzhou Tigernu Leather Co., Ltd. Flagship Store

After four years selling on AliExpress, this store has managed to accumulate five diamonds. Acquire backpacks of different styles from $30. A real bargain!


It also gathers five diamonds in four years, here they offer a variety of women’s backpacks and fun models for children.

Forudesing`s Workshop Store

In just one year this store has already gained the trust of its buyers, who have awarded five diamonds with their positive comments. They offer versatile fashionable backpacks for men and women.