When she asked the woman’s mother why she could not take her son-in-law to court over her daughter’s death, the woman said that she did not have any evidence.

That was when Zhang found her purpose in life:

“I told the woman that I would ruthlessly exterminate those men.”

She now owns a property in Beijing where she shelters women who have been kicked to the curb by their husbands who turned to their mistresses.

She says she receives over 100 calls a day from desperate women.

Chinese netizens have expressed outrage at why women are taking their anger out on mistresses instead of their cheating husbands, following the circulation of viral videos showing women beating, stripping, slapping, kicking and humiliating suspected mistresses in the street.

Zhang, however, has no sympathy for these mistresses and says she wants to treat them just like “Japanese devils” and “chop off their head with a sword.”

She also said:

“Those who don’t dare to beat will develop diseases including esophageal cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer,” she said, explaining that beating mistresses helps wives vent their anxiety and emotional pain.”