What’s one thing you should never do while having sex? Ride a motorcycle on a populated street at any part of the day. Unfortunately, some people learn this the hard way; which is basically, doing it and realizing they shouldn’t have. Somewhere, in Paraguay, this couple’s levels of horniness knew no bounds and could clearly not be curtailed and so, they decided to give in to their carnal instincts and just ride it nice and fast!

This Couple Having Sex On A Motorcycle Is The Damndest Thing You'll See Today© Facebook

For some reason, they seemed to think they could have gotten away with it nice and easy. Only, another motorcyclist saw what they were doing and, since we live in a world where we have to post it on social  media, or no one would believe it ever happened, he filmed them having sex on a speeding bike. Obviously, it kind of went viral and I don’t know if these two are ever going to riding again…

So, let’s all learn from this one couple’s mistake and never make it. Okay?

Here’s the video:

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