While kissing a girl, many guys have no idea how to kiss at all. It is something that we can all improve in because the first kiss tells a lot of things about you and it can catapult an interaction forward or move it several paces backward.

Many times, men try to stick their tongues in a woman’s mouth and try to keep it there for as long as possible. It can be very unpleasant for both the people involved. Some things are much better and make you enjoy a kiss much more than going right in with the tongue. Kissing a girl can be an incredible experience for both of you, but for that, you need to do it right.

how to kiss a girl

The following five ways will show you how to kiss her right! Be attentive!

  • Put your lips on hers.

Well, this is the basic! But before that, build the anticipation for the kiss by looking deep into her eyes and holding her cheeks gently. Trust me! Anticipation is everything where a kiss is concerned!

  • Use your lips.

Lips are a vital part of your body. They are easily stimulated because of the presence of a lot of nerve endings. Here are some techniques to help you start using them in the right way.

Tip: Kissing is best when your lips are not dry so use your tongue to moisten your lips if necessary.

kissing a girl

Front Kiss: Press your lips against hers and separate them.

Side kiss: Do the same as in a central kiss but in this case, you kiss the center, then the side, and then return to kiss the center and end at the corner that you have not kissed.

Wrapping Kiss: Put your lips around one of hers and end it with a small bite (without hurting them).

Snake Kiss: After all, this is a game so start as if you are going to kiss her and when she kisses you, take your lips off her. You will increase the feeling of desire and lust, and this will drive her wild.

  • Use your tongue.

Your tongue has to play in your favor. It has to be your best friend.

Opening kiss: Put the tip of your tongue between her lips and gently go from side to side opening her lips.

“Clitoral” Kiss: Put the tip of your tongue on one part of her lips and move it playfully.

Vulgar kiss: Put your tongue in her mouth and touch your tongue with hers in a very crass attitude.

Kiss of a prince: Use the tip of your tongue to touch the tip of her tongue.

  • Use your hands.

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Do you want to improve the quality of the kiss? Do your hands want to intervene in this situation?

Romantic Touch: Grab her hands and entwine your fingers.

Slight Touch: Put your hand on her neck at the time of kissing her and caress gently.

Exciting touch: Put your hand behind her head and kiss her passionately.

Dominant touch: Put one hand on the back of her neck and another on the lower back and press her against you.

Dominant collar touch: Put your hand behind her neck, and your thumb tightens the side of her neck, not her throat. You can also take one of her hands by the wrist and put it behind her back while you continue kissing her.

The touch of God: Do what you want with your hands like trapping her against a wall, touching her ass, grabbing her tits. In short, write the fifth symphony and make her feel wanted.

  • Use your teeth.

Here, be careful. As you’ve been informed, lips have a lot of nerve endings, and you must be extremely careful because as you kiss, you can extinguish the flame that had gained strength.

Just grab one of her lips with your teeth and do not push it too hard. You can very easily go wrong here which is why it is necessary to be very careful here. But it can be very exciting for her if you do it right!

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Last few words

The golden points are anticipation, look, gentleness and an explosion of feelings! So what are you waiting for? Kiss her senseless today!