Wants to know if she likes you? If you are in the process of waking up at nights and thinking about her that if she likes you or not, then do not worry. There are certain indications to confirm the same. Let us discuss the four common ways of doing the same.

  • Inclination of her chin towards you

While talking or while being in the conversation, if her chin is towards you, you can sense that she is interested in you. Another indication of inclination of the neck is misinterpreted for of body sign. It’s her chin that confirms the fact that she wants to talk face to face.

signs girl likes you

  • Her feet are slightly distant

While standing straight, if her feet are close, it means she is not interested in you. But if her feet are distant and slightly apart, then she might not be that interested. So it’s just not the face always to look for signs, it is, in fact, the whole body language that must be interpreted in an appropriate manner. If she is playing with her ankles, it might indicate some sort of nervousness. But why is she nervous, we cannot interpret that.

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  • If she remembers old conversations

If you have had a few conversations with her, and she remembers each and every detail about it, it means she is quite interested in you. If she remembers even minute details that even you have forgotten, then you can definitely think about the possibilities of she liking you and into you. It is one of the most common ways to know if she is interested in further carrying on the relation to next level.

girls like you signs

  • She does not mind when you go close to her

If she really likes you she will not be intimidated by your proximity. But if you have to make sure that you are not doing it at the wrong time, you might lose the place. You just have to give her the appropriate space she needs. While going close to her by not taking her space and making her feel uncomfortable, you can do a lot of things to draw her attention from you. You can pinpoint puppies, a beautiful view, a cute couple etc. So this is another way of making her see things in a different way but she shouldn’t rock back as it is not a very good sign.

These are few signs that you must be aware of to know if she likes you.

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