Thanks to the scorching heat and burning sunlight across various states in India, including Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, the solar energy target for 2015-16 was beaten by a huge margin. India commissioned 3018 MW against 2000 MW it set for itself.


The rural solar energy project produce is slowly showing effect in the national capacity.

Latest figures from Ministry of new and Renewable Energy states that Tamil Nadu added 887.19 MW followed by Andhra Pradesh(433.24 MW) and Telangana(351.56 MW).

The amount of solar power potential in the country is probably one of the reasonsJadoo finalized India for its mission. Recently a story about a woman cooking eggs on the floor surfaced on the social media.  It is slightly comforting to see the same weather talked about in a better (sun)light.

India has stiffer challenges in the future though. This year’s target is a mammoth 17,000 MW. Although the authorities look confident. The majority of projects completed this year would be from five southern states.


The future holds challenges and possibilities for India as an emerging producer of solar power. India is rapidly increasing its solar energy projects as Rajasthan remains at the top of installed solar plants list.

India may have not  become a super power, but it will soon be a solar power. Okay, may be not. India wants to achieve 100,000 MW of solar power by 2022. I want to move out of my parents’ house and get a life by 2030. Amen to both!