Men are supposed to have good spatial awareness, but there’s one crucial calculation that they tend to get wrong – penis size.

Whether it’s wishful thinking, the skewed expectations caused by porn or just outright boasting, pretty much every man you meet will believe his little guy is bigger than he actually is.

New research by — the source of most of the great scientific work of our time — has investigated whether Australian, American, Canadian, British or Indian men are most likely to inflate the size of their package when talking to others.

The very scientific study was conducted by asking men how big their erect penis is and then asking women to say how big their last partner was.

The results are enlightening but may not come as much of a surprise as they tend to fit the national stereotypes pretty well. It’s also no great revelation that globally men tended to believe they were better endowed than they are, overstating their member by an average of 5.6%.

According to the survey, Australians were by far the most prone to exaggerate their package. Aussie men proudly reported an average size of 7.09 inches, but women downgraded that to a mere 5.58 inches, which translates to a whopping difference of 17.5%.

The second worst offenders were American men who believe they are packing 7.24 inches, but were reported to boast more like 6.64 inches.

Even the modest Brits exaggerated slightly, claiming 7.24 inches, like their American counterparts, but coming out closer to 6.89 inches.

But women can trust there won’t be any false advertising when it comes to Canadian men, who actually slightly underestimate their manhoods by .12 inches.

And Indian men did the unthinkable and actually underestimated their penis size, believing it to be 6.07 inches while women had it down as 0.23 inches more.

Sadly, for understandable reasons, no tape measure was used in this study, so what was really compared is perceived penis size by men and women in each country, so maybe the Australian women were just feeling bitter at an ex or disappointed by their latest one-night stand.

In any case it seems the Aussies and Americans may be trying too hard to impress. In a recent study it was revealed that women believed the perfect penis size to be 6.3 inches, only just larger than the national average of 6 inches.

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What is it about Australian and American culture that makes them prone to over-exaggeration?

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The worldwide average penis size when erect is 5.2 inches, but a study found that American men have vastly different ideas of what’s normal that vary state by state. Men from Maine have the biggest average penis estimate at 6.5 inches, West Virginia has the smallest at close to 5 inches.