As we know some of our stars are mad after publicity. They never a single chance to create a publicity stunt. They always walk with something which helps them to stay in news. We don’t why they do this every time, but may be they have got no other way to attract a big audience. So they create controversies and attracts people to look at them, their work, their stupidity.

While watching this post, i guess you will start laughing, because these people use such ways to get attention that can make anyone LOL. But some use intense adult ideas that attracts the youth most. In a way they get attraction, but they are not earning respect. They are just being used a mean of entertainment.

We have made a list for you, of the people who use Twitter to get attention of public and media. Let’s see the names in These Twitter Celebrities Can Do Anything For Publicity-

1. Kamaal Rashid Khan

These Twitter Celebrities Can Do Anything For Publicity

2. Poonam Pandey, Hottest of These Twitter Celebrities Can Do Anything For Publicity


3. Ram Gopal Verma