Celebrity lives a luxurious life, we know this. They have money, they have fame and they have a large number of fan following. Though having a large number of fan following is necessary for good career, but having a large fan following also means greater insult. This happens because if they did any stupid thing or any embarrassing thing happens to them, this will reach to a large number of people. Anything from giving a controversial interview to wardrobe malfunctioning, from getting in trouble with law to getting caught drunk, all their acts reaches a large number of people.

Because of their large fan following, most of the time they do everything to appear sophisticated and perfect, but some time they fail to do so. And, when they fail, they fail terribly. Here in this post we are sharing some moment when celebrity fails terribly in public, in fact these are their most humiliating moments in public. Have a look on them.

#1. Fergie

We all remember Fergie as the female vocalist of the Black Eyed Peas. The above picture is from her 2005’s concert. She was performing with the group ‘Black Eyed Peas’. Her group arrived late at the venue, due to which she didn’t get the opportunity to go to the lady’s room. And when she start performing, she took her band’s song “Let’s Get It Started” too literally and started to urinate all over her pant.