The present era is an era of networking. This World we live in, running at its utmost pace demands highly evolved communication skills in order to set a place in this lifestyle. We not only communicate with our friends, colleagues, business partners, relatives or family members but also with strangers with the help of a bunch of social networking sites and apps.

One of the most gossiping social networking tools is Facebook. At present, every 3 out of 4 persons is either an active Facebook user or in some way or the other using it. This simply means that every second, millions of people start a conversation.

This creates an opportunity. An opportunity to meet new people online. An opportunity to make new friends. For some people, this is an opportunity to find the love of their life.

But this may not be an easy job, especially for a boy. They may start a conversation pretty good, but they eventually fail to take it further.

So here are 5 tips for all the single boys out there to not only master your flirting skills but also convert to cheesy kinky conversations into a date.


If you come across a cute girl online, just send her a friend request. There is no point poking her online repeatedly or sending her smilies, “good morning,” “good night” messages. This is not going to help in any way. If a girl finds you good enough talking to, she will surely do.

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It always starts with friendship. Unless you get to her close, you will never win her heart. Therefore, talk clean and decent. Be a good listener. Be someone she would like to share her heart out.

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  • Don’t try these things

Do not try too hard to impress her or pose lame jokes just to make her laugh. Let your relation with her grow slow and steady with each new day. Try to give her space. Avoid unnecessary use of smileys that might degrade her views about you. Try not to send a very long text while you chat. The length of your text should be either equal or a bit longer than her unless necessary.


Words are indeed powerful. Be careful with your choice of words or pickup lines. Don’t try to be too cheesy. Even though to try to flirt, let it be real.


Asking her out on a date with a text message is not a very great idea, but it’s really stupid. After this much of toil, you just cannot let her go. You cannot just be rejected. It’s time to bring this virtual relationship into a real World. Be confident and ask for her number. It’s now or never. As you call her, try to be a gentleman. Show how great is it to talk to her and how truly you want to meet her. And you’re all set to ask her the out on a date.