Nose thread lift can be defined as a non surgical treatment intended to perfect your nasal shape. The nose is one of the central features of the face and a better nasal profile would give you face the perfect combination of harmony, balance and proportion. Nose thread lift which is steadily growing in popularity in Singapore, has lots of advantages over the typical nose fillers. Although there is no such thing as the ideal nasal shape, lots of Asian and African women are opting for a nose thread lift to make their nasal proportions attractive.

Why go for nose thread lift?

While surgical rhinoplasty can help to do away with aesthetic deformities, it is often accompanied by a number of side effects such as nasal infection, bleeding and even nasal deformities. Fillers which are traditionally used for nose enhancement also come with the issues of bruising, migrations and lump formations. Nose thread lift Singapore, on the other hand is a zero downtime process which never leads to bruising and swelling which are typically associated with a surgical procedure. In other words, nose thread lift is the smartest and safest procedure for enhancing the look of your nose.

How nose thread lift in Singapore works?

The objective of nose thread lift Singapore, is to give you a beautiful nose in the safest and most natural like way. The threads used in this procedure are created out of a biocompatible material known as polydioxanone or PDO. PDO also helps to stimulate the natural collagen production in skin and thus helps in lifting and refining the contour of the nose.

nose thread lift singapore

The procedure:

The nasal area is first thoroughly cleaned before the application of local anaesthesia. This would ensure that you don’t get to feel any pain during the procedure. The surgeons are going to create an entry point on the tip of the nose and threads are inserted beneath the skin of the nose and pushed in a specific direction. The count of threads to be used would depend on the nasal anatomy for each individual. Generally 6-12 threads are used for this procedure.

How long does a nose thread lift last?

The threads are absorbed by the body within a couple of months, by which time new collagen is produced around these threads. The life-span of the threads range between one to one and a half years depending on the metabolism of the individual and the number of threads.


  • Pronounced nose bridge
  • Enhanced nose tip
  • Aesthetically pleasing nasal proportion
  • Much more safer than nose fillers
  • Lasting all natural results

How long do I need to recover after the procedure?

The nose thread lift procedure is extremely popular in Japan, Korea and Taiwan because of its lasting results and safe procedure. Some individuals can experience redness, swelling and bruising immediately after the procedure. However, they fade away within just 3-4 days. The mark at the site of injection would take one or two weeks to heal. Unlike nose fillers where the fillers are known to migrate to the side of the nose, thread lift doesn’t come with any such side-effects.

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